Repression was a memory. Etched into a developing brain. Dynamic re-enactment. Barely survived our months. Inhuman stresses. Undivided attention. Imprint a sense of security. Pain best suppressed. Nourish interactions. Unconditionally. Horrors beset the family. Automatic defensive. Coping. Personality pattern. Always more to be discovered. What I have observed in myself. We’re all self-deniers. Self-betrayers. Presence. Absence. Consequence of ignoring my body. Live at home. Protection instinct. Uncomfortable emotions. Mind body links health. Mind Body interface. Disease. Language of pain. Answer the question of stress. Every peice of the truth is crucial. Emotion. Physiology links exist. Deprived of a powerful tool. Inadequacy of language. Discrete entities. Mind Body. Denial of psychic pain. Ignorant of the whole. Great error in treatment. Confirm the insight. Unmapped terrain. Automatic impulse. Inner exploration. Repressed my own emotions.