The historical posts on this website are currently being updated. A ‘stock’ image (one of my paintings) has been used in the interim. Many thanks for your understanding.


Consistently and dependably, Learned to express her feelings. Assert her anger. Invaded boundaries. Judged. Vulnerable. Learning. Focal areas. Damaged and scarred. Nerve fibers. Symptoms of numbness. Involuntary tightening of muscles. Overwhelming exhaustion. Beyond ordinary tiredness. Confused and combative. Emotional agony. Suffer exacerbation. Shouldn’t have to do anything. He/ she didn’t want to do. Withdraw from helping mode. I just can’t. Turn around. Walk away. I do not point fingers. “Making themselves sick.” Promote learning. Healing. Quotient of blame. Oversensitive to blame. Most people are. Shame. Deepest negative emotion. Anything to avoid. Impairs reality. Gentle smile. Heart was weak. Breathing is laboured. You are the only one who listened to me. Be there to hear, to see, to understand. Deeply programmed reflex. Innocous situation.