Artisan :Theano Mavrelle Born :1940 Region :Phyti Cyprus Work :Textiles Phithkiolika Materials: sheep wool, Cotton & silk Methods : Minerals and natural pigments used in dying processes, spinning & weaving Statement: Theano learnt her skills from her grandmother. There used to be 100 looms in the village, today only 2 remain. Her children & grand-children know how to weave in the traditional way, but they don’t.  Theano spins the silk (the raw material) into thread. Next to her sits a bucket of silk worms. I am told they hatch in April and live for two months. The eggs stay in the dark. If they hatch early, they die and no silk will be yield. She doesn’t dye her own yarns now, but roots, pine trees, walnut leaves, bark & madder were used to yield pigment for the weavings.