Artisan : George and Panayiotis Polis (brothers) Born : London England Region : Lefkara, Cyprus Work made : Silver jewellery, decorative and functional items Material used : Silver, wax Methods used : Casting, wirework, diamond cut,
Statement : I (Panayiotis) was born in England and my Cypriot family brought me to Lefkara when I was only one years old. My father was born in Lefkara and went to England in 1926 until 1975 to work and sell Lafkara lace. He worked in restaurants and has a barbers shop. I have four children, 2 girls and 2 boys aged 30, 25, 24 and 28, they are studying in Pathos. One of my children isn’t sure what he’ll do… maybe work with silver. My working day is usually 8am until 5pm. We used to work through the night when business was much bigger!