This workshop will encourage women to talk to one another. Women will work in pairs to explore an applique embroidery made in Ahmedabad. Based on the Bharatanatyam Gestures observed at Darpana Academy of Performing Arts, women will explore imitation, mirroring and story-telling. It is hoped that compassion will develop through the sharing of stories and secrets. Nobody will be under any pressure to share, should they not feel comfortable.The second part of the workshop involved block-printing collectively onto a sari, sourced from Kerala. The sari is made by artisans in South India. Women will contribute marks and gestures which may help them to express their emotions, better in a safe space environment. Expression will be through movement, language, material exploration and print. Observations and reflections will guide the session.

Compassion workshop for women: 17th October 2017: The ½ day 1pm – 3pm