It’s a new project to work closely with the local community to try and get experts INTO SCHOOL! This school is in a highly deprived area and there are lots of unemployed people. But, there are a lot of skilled people out there. The 1st visitor is an Aerospace Engineer we met recently. We’re inviting him to come and talk to the year 10’s about his working life, training and ambitions. We think there will be a DT project here, for the pupils…. We’d like the children to think about design problems in school. What do they see as little investigators that could be changed for the better. We’ll ask them to identify a target group of students, who’s school experience could be improved through their ‘design thinking’ and problem solving. Our hopes are that Mark’s engineer’s mind will help them to put their concepts into practice. Lets see… Big ambitions. Schools ARE Community.

Bring in the experts!

Collectively things can change….

Vulnerability from the latin Vulnerable (to Learn)