I had the privilege of working with a group of 9 women during the Something Useful Project residency at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. We worked as a team to realise an exhibiton which brought together drawings, printmaking and live voice performance. The student’s can-do attitude was impressive and their commitment to developing their ideas through printmaking, focussed! We used optical drawing tools to record gestures and often worked outside in the sunshine. It seemed too nice an opportunity to miss out on! I miss those ladies! Some students had fun using the traditional tools I had brought from the UK. Some students (those with glasses) often prefered to draw freehand. The friendships we made duing that time are important to me and I plan to visit again one day. Keep in touch Arooshi, Monika, Divya, Shruti (good luck with the UK MA plan!) Kajal, Kinal, Komal, Vidya, Zarna. You make me smile! Talented oceans! I hope you receive the voice recordings and they make you smile too.